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APEAX Xtreme Gloss Paint Protection Film adds beauty and protection to your car. With 7,5 mil German TPU and German innovative adhesive, give your vehicle the best protection. No film matches Xtreme Gloss in terms of clarity and gloss!

About Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF

Apeax Xtreme Gloss Paint Protection Film, with a total thickness of 7.5 mil, provides exceptional defense against impact damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. This formidable protection complements the outstanding features, engineered to safeguard against rocks, insects, sand, salt, and other environmental hazards that pose a threat to your car’s paint.

Serving as an invisible shield, our film offers comprehensive protection in virtually any environment. With unparalleled clarity and gloss, that ensures your vehicle maintains a stunning shine for years to come.

APEAX Xtreme Gloss: Next-generation PPF with German TPU

Unmatched Innovation with Superior Protection comes to APEAX Xtreme Gloss. Our PPF is carefully manufactured with advanced German TPU and adhesive, providing extreme weather protection and a superb shine.

Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF

When it comes to automotive protection and good looks, nothing beats APEAX Xtreme Gloss PPF. Protect your car’s finish from everyday wear and tear with this high-quality German-engineered Paint Protection Film. You may relax knowing that the Xtreme Gloss PPF will improve your car’s appearance and shield it from damage sustained during normal driving conditions.

Apeax Xtreme Matte PPF

APEAX Xtreme Matte PPF Technology offers the finest protection for your vehicle. The innovative Paint Protection Film strikes the ideal combination between sophistication and durability to preserve your car’s matte finish for years to come. The Xtreme Matte PPF Technology shields your precious beauty from damage caused by scratches and the elements. Enhance the safety and resale value of your vehicle. .

What advantages can Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF offer you?

Experience the pinnacle of quality with APEAX Innovative Materials, exemplified by our German TPU material and adhesive – a testament to precision engineering that ensures unparalleled performance and lasting protection for your vehicle.

Advanced Self-healing

APEAX Xtreme Gloss Advanced Self-Healing technology is a game changer in automotive protection, ensuring your vehicle's surface maintains its pristine appearance by effortlessly fixing light scratches, keeping it protected and in its best condition.

Hydrophobic Properties

Immerse your vehicle in the world of APEAX Xtreme Gloss Hydrophobic PPF – a revolutionary advancement that transforms your car's surface into a water-repellent shield, keeping it pristine and enhancing its value while protecting it for years.

Crystal Clarity

Experience APEAX Xtreme Gloss for yourself and see how dedicated we are to excellence. Enjoy a level of clarity that does more than just highlight your car's good looks; it also exemplifies our commitment to making products that are a model of excellence and quality.

Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF Packages

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Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF Technology

Unmatched Innovation with Superior Protection comes to Apeax Xtreme Gloss. Our PPF is professionally manufactured with advanced German TPU and adhesive, providing extreme weather protection and a protected glossy surface. This investment guarantees your vehicle’s protection for at least 10 years.
PPF Gloss Layer
Apeax Xtreme PPF provides a protective shield for vehicle surfaces, acting as an invisible barrier that guards against scratches, road debris, and environmental damage. Crafted from thermoplastic urethane, Apeax Xtreme PPF offers exceptional optical clarity and can be tailored for a precise fit. It attaches to the vehicle’s paint with a specially designed adhesive layer, forming a strong bond that can be removed without harming the underlying paint.

APEAX XTREME Paint Protection can be used to protect various areas of a vehicle to ensure longevity and maintain its aesthetic appearance. Typically, this type of protection is applied to:

  1. Painted Surfaces: The primary application of paint protection is on the car’s painted surfaces to shield against scratches, UV rays, chemical stains, and environmental contaminants.

  2. Front Bumper: This area is particularly vulnerable to damage from road debris, stones, and insects, making it a common spot for applying paint protection.

  3. Hood and Roof: These areas are constantly exposed to the sun and environmental elements, so protecting them helps in maintaining the color and finish of the paint.

  4. Fenders and Side Mirrors: These parts are susceptible to chips and scratches from road debris and can benefit from the added protection.

  5. Door Handles and Edges: These often-overlooked areas can get damaged from fingernails, rings, and keys. Paint protection can help prevent such minor yet noticeable damage.

  6. Rear Bumper: This area can be protected to prevent scratches from loading and unloading cargo.

By applying APEAX XTREME Paint Protection, these areas can be effectively safeguarded, thereby preserving the vehicle’s aesthetic and resale value.

APEAX XTREME Paint Protection generally will not significantly change the appearance of your car. Instead, it’s designed to provide a protective layer while maintaining the original look of the vehicle’s paint. Here are a few aspects of how it interacts with your car’s appearance:

  1. Enhanced Gloss and Shine: The protection film typically enhances the gloss and shine of your car’s paint, making it look more vibrant and new.

  2. Near Invisible: High-quality paint protection films like APEAX XTREME are virtually invisible once applied. They are clear and designed to blend seamlessly with your car’s exterior.

  3. No Color Alteration: The film itself should not alter the color of your vehicle. Its transparency ensures that the original paint color is preserved.

  4. Potential for Minor Texture Differences: While generally unnoticeable, some films can add a slight texture to the surface of the car, which might be perceptible upon close inspection or touch.

If you are an installer you can order APEAX products from our online store or simply email us at ([email protected]) We have installers in UK, USA, Asia and Australia and offer training in each of these countries on our films.


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