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Apeax Films stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of automotive protection. The brand’s Xtreme Gloss and Matte Paint Protection Films (PPFs) are renowned for their hydrophobic and self-healing features, which preserve the vehicle’s finish over time. The Xtreme Ceramic and Carbon Tints, leveraging advanced carbon technology, deliver unmatched heat rejection and UV protection. When applied by experts, APEAX films form a seamless and robust shield that upholds the vehicle’s aesthetics and value, embodying the pinnacle of reliable and advanced protection.


Apeax Xtreme Films is revolutionizing the automotive protection sector with its superior film technology. Known for innovation, Apeax offers products like the Xtreme Gloss and Matte PPFs, which boast hydrophobic and self-healing properties, ensuring vehicles maintain their pristine condition.

Additionally, Apeax’s Xtreme Ceramic and Carbon Tints are engineered to provide exceptional heat and UV protection, significantly enhancing driving comfort and interior preservation.

Applied by seasoned professionals, Apeax Xtreme Films integrate flawlessly with the car’s design, forming an invisible yet durable barrier against daily wear and tear. This ensures a long-lasting, immaculate appearance for any vehicle.

With Apeax Xtreme Films, drivers can enjoy a perfect blend of aesthetics and protection, guaranteeing their car’s enduring allure and performance.


Apeax Films Xtreme Ceramic Tint


Embark on a journey of innovation with Apeax Nano Ceramic Tint. This pioneering product stands out in the window film market, driven by advanced nano-ceramic technology. It’s not just about meeting standards; Apeax is crafting a new echelon of excellence.

The core of Apeax Nano Ceramic Tint is its nano-ceramic technology—a scientific wonder that extends well beyond traditional offerings. It enhances your experience, providing stealthy protection that’s as effective as it is imperceptible. Apeax ensures near-total UV filtration, offering a shield against the sun and a promise of comfort on every journey.

Choosing Apeax means choosing extraordinary quality and peace of mind, propelling you forward with the assurance of ultimate protection.


Enhance your driving experience with Apeax Carbon Film. Our unique films are embedded with carbon particles, setting a new standard in automotive film technology. They not only preserve the original color but also provide unmatched cooling efficiency.

Step into Apeax’s world and experience a revolutionary barrier that offers superior protection from the sun’s intense heat and harmful UV rays. Apeax Carbon Film represent the perfect fusion of cutting-edge innovation and refined elegance, ensuring your vehicle stays cool, comfortable, and stylish. With Apeax, you’re not just installing a film; you’re upgrading to a cooler, more sophisticated driving experience.

Apeax Films Xtreme Carbon Tint
Apeax Films Xtreme Gloss PPF


Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics and durability with Apeax Xtreme Gloss Paint Protection Film. At an impressive thickness of 7.5 mil, it serves as an impenetrable barrier against the rigors of the road.

Invisible to the eye, yet invulnerable in performance, this film is a bastion of brilliance and sheen. It ensures that your car’s sparkle endures through time.

Opt for Apeax and gift your car the lasting gleam it deserves. With Apeax, you safeguard not just the paint, but the enduring beauty of your vehicle.


Indulge in the elegance of Apeax Xtreme Matte, the ultimate armor for your automobile.

Crafted with a substantial 7.5 mil thickness, it’s designed to shield against environmental hazards and the rigors of everyday use.

The matte finish not only elevates your car’s visual appeal but also ensures a lasting legacy of protection and sophistication.

Apeax Xtreme Matte doesn’t just cover your vehicle; it envelops it in a protective embrace that blends style with durability.

Choose Apeax for a seamless fusion of form and function, where your car’s allure is forever preserved.

Apeax Films Xtreme Matte PPF

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