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Apeax leads the charge in revolutionizing the Protective Film industry through the creation of highly innovative film technologies. Our focus on innovation and next-generation products shines through in our automotive protection films, which feature hydrophobic and self-healing properties, unparalleled clarity, and exceptional adhesive strength.

Next Gen Automotive Surface Solutions

At APEAX, we are a global leader in automotive protection solutions, with offices strategically located in the USA, UK, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

We take pride in our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products, ranging from PPF (Paint Protection Film) and Tint to Microfiber Towels and Premium PPF Tools.

With a global management team boasting over 40 years of combined experience in PPF and Tint installation and manufacturing, we guarantee expertise and reliability in every product we offer.

Explore our range of automotive protection solutions and experience the APEAX difference today.


At APEAX, our dedicated team boasts years of expertise in preserving and safeguarding your vehicle’s surfaces.


Our Software features thousands of PPF patterns for cars and motorcycles. We also have hundreds of window tinting patterns


We only use the highest quality materials to ensure your vehicle is properly protected.

we offer THE BEST Protection films and products ON THE MARKET

Apeax Xtreme Gloss PPF

APEAX Xtreme Gloss PPF is the pinnacle of automobile Paint Protection Film, providing spectacular aesthetics and robust protection thanks to its use of 7.5 mil German TPU and next gen German adhesive. Gain peace of mind with a 10-year guarantee, proof of the unwavering quality of this film.

Apeax Solar Window Tint Film

APEAX WIndow Tint Film is a testament to cutting-edge innovation. Crafted with advanced ceramic technology, this window tint guarantees top-tier quality, enhancing comfort, and protecting your vehicle with unmatched precision.

Apeax Xtreme Matte PPF

Enjoy refined attraction with APEAX Xtreme Matte PPF, a masterpiece with self-healing capabilities for a long-lasting finish. The precision-crafted 7.5 mil German TPU and excellent German adhesive produce a fantastic and durable shield. Rest assured, with a 10-year warranty your paint will be defect free.


The APEAX leadership team have been in the detailing and film business for 20+ years, owning dozens of detailing shops around the world. We have manufactured films, products, tools and towels since 2014 and are on the ground in Asia, working closely with our supply chain and manufacturing partners to guarantee the highest quality products.

With our innovative German TPU and adhesive, coupled with next-gen technology, Xtreme PPF films set the industry standard, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance in automotive protection solutions.

APEAX utilizes premium Nano Ceramic and Carbon IR window film. APEAX Advanced Window Films incorporate cutting-edge automotive film technology, featuring proprietary filtering formulas for enhanced performance and protection. 
Introducing APEAX Microfiber Towels – Discover the incredible quality of Korean microfiber towels, renowned for their super absorbent properties. These towels are the epitome of excellence in quality and are now available to you. 

Get products from our online store or simply email us at ([email protected]) to start your experience. Join our Ambassador program and save up to 40% off our films and products!

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